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process. Hence it seems to us that in the differential diagnosis

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blood pressure increased. The retina and heart may show definite

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goes on at Buffalo and other centres and the New York herds are

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roused by noise squinting dilated pupils mental delusions reticence

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I arrived some few years ago and which is now reconsidered in the

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in the colloidal gold reaction. In fluids giving a curve there is present

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either blood or plasma. It may be mentioned at this point that the

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but on account of his age 75 he had objected to bleeding 4

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likely to affect them. Now if distention be a stimulus to mus

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horses to have the disea se at Hamburg and after recovery to have

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the disease is essentially infectious. Friedberger and Frohner

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we were sure that the heart was free from recent digitalis influences.

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Experiment 23. Dog 238 the reaction was not altered.

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most suggestive when we studied the thymus in Case 6. Here we were

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mentary tract the pigs become infected by taking in the expecto

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gitated blood passes back through the aortic ring and impinges on the

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such cases the germ that has been living as a comparatively

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and permanent method of eradicating anthrax is by thorough

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