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when moved it shows weakness may stagger or it may have

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tated animals an ordinary fibrinous pneumonia with no perceptible

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We have been much interested in the account given by

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with the previous temperature under the conditions in which the

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muscular glands prescapular axillary prefemoral etc. suffi

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food of any kind or of litter grain bags head ropes manure or

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Since the H ion concentration of the blood depends on the ratio of

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nect the principle characters with their subsequent history

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mitral stenosis and insufficiency aortic insufficiency. Known duration of fib

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junctiva and visible mucosae and in a yellow brown or red color

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both pneumonia and peritonitis show this. The leukopenia sometimes

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affection of the head and throat. The absence of marked thick

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gravity and not as has sometimes been supposed a resvilt of cardiac

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The continuation of the aorta then passes to the spine on the

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