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or in sequestra in the lungs and contaminate horses with which

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heavy feeding is resorted to diarrhoea is the usual result accom

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The fact that women who bear syphilitic children often give no

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surgical risk. Before this was done an enema was given in the knee

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coming year as I wish to keep in touch with Old Rush.

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which was not intended but had the happy effect of enabltog

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attended b a characteristic eruption on the skin at first papular

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of 30 fts. to the square inch. The manure and litter must be

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placed in boiling water for half an hour. The same will apply

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ancient China Hindoostan Steppes in middle ages Europe Britain

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of each type of cell is now computed and by multiplying the sum

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became rabid without loss of time. Such cases have often been

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the symptoms of that disorder depart from the usual type and an

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Although Dog 2 a young animal reacted less than the older one as

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cavity except through the foramen. This causes pericementitis as I have

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Musser Charts 1 and 2. Then for varying intervals there would

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involves too lengthy a discussion for this place. Suffice it to say that

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armies during the Civil War of 1861 4 and was widely scattered

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frothy mucus by the nose or mouth vomiting hyperthermia

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meaning of inflammation is the broad biological conception

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strangles and that of erysipelas are independent organisms.

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dence in the stimulating and supporting action of alcoholic liquors

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present and to join the bones permanently together in their

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selves. There are practitioners who have understood that it

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that it is sometimes efficacious against the armed taenia.

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vanced pregnancy and in calves of a few weeks old Friedberger

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causes of defective formation of blood for the great majority of

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advocated by DieckerhofE and met with a fair measure of success

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products retained in the blood in excessive amounts or is it an unknown

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cow relation to omphalitis. Nocard s streptococci and bacilli. Bang s

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whitish points or mottling indicating the broncho pneumonia and

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germ outside the animal body either rests in a dry condition or

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ter disease as he is altogether insusceptible to glanders. As a

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In regard therefore to the illustration Fig. IE we are safe in

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hand they were of the susceptible northern herds they were first

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