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and veins of the limb, an acute attack of cellulitis with much effusion,

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Blix method. The patient refused to be operated on. During his five weeks

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hypertrophy begins to give way and dilatation ensues. The genetic

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seven family histories secured by Dr. Muncey in which there is more

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position, E'o, by the average absorption ratio, A'o = 0.001179. This

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It has been thought that syphilitic disease of the arteries arises

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drugs will be found to have a similar value. The use of arsenic during

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jority of cases appears to be of nervous origin, and it has been

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centration in the plasma and neither pigment nor salts appear in the

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filtered stain, except that the milky patches of the omentum were

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make. The friction sound is greatest as the auricle attempts to force

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from the serum is some soluble substance or substances. Necessarily,

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>.l Jwi.l -I ? l ri j ?!ā– ?! V -Ui ^^ d d d j HHl ^J^l ^T-i"HHHMH -i S H ?l .1 ;^l>|?k|M> 91^^gjrj f i

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tive Wassermann reaction with 1 c.c, and the patient could walk with a cane

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The anatomical diagnosis was as follows : Original pulmonary tuberculosis ;

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The most important is that with hypertrophy and dilatation of the

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the cell count and in the symptoms in two, marked symptomatic

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On raising the sternum a large collection of pus is encountered, which

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and irregular hyperplasia of the connective tissue.

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Case 81, one great-grandmother died with stomach trouble, and the grand-

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becomes normal, the usual color of the face returns." The patient

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ler, 14T Bramwell, lie Maude, 12e Greenfield, 148 and Marie. Briefly stated,

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pellagra as early as the seventh month. Neither of these two patients

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washing, be rendered incapable of producing positive Abderhalden

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the disease. He died Feb. 27, 1913, without recurrence in 1913.

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(aortite en plaques) which he considered due to malaria, there were

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Many different lines of treatment have been adopted for exophthal-

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blood test April 11, and showed hemoglobin 42 per cent., red blood corpuscles

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shows the result of the intravenous injections of calcium solution.

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