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mon mode of communicating it is by the generative act. In this it

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by the assumption that all perivascular adventitial connective tissue is a

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will think you are away on a case. The impression gets abroad

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strychnia with alcoholic stimulants may be resorted to.

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should be large enough to fill the cavity. About the second day this

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material with less disposition to adhesiveness than in glanders.

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other person but we must with almost absolute confidence

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they can drop items of interest for publication in the Cor

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unfavourable circumstances has been redeemed by the action

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show that something more is demanded. Another suggestion

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disease with mitral regurgitation five cases 9.8 per cent. myocardial

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nourishment. After a.sojourn of four months or more they weie

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the urea content of different fluids from the same cases in practical

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Rabbits are less vulnerable to the bovine or human form.

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the third time to the ten yard line where Northwestern held

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married December 28 to Miss Lillian De Mart of La Porte City

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resemble both rheumatic endocardial verrcucse and terminal endocardial

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recognition and with such a constant and prolonged exhalation

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The vestibular tests by Barany s methods are usually of consider

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solipeds and is communicable to man and all domestic animals

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pulse rate raises arterial tension and increases forceof contraction. Medium

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Between June 10 1914 and Oct. 22 1921 one thousand patients

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nic character that its diagnosis becomes more easy.

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fection of which along with the means of subduing the external

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of mucous gastro enteritis. The mucous folds of the pyloric sac

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it he replied that Prof. Longfellow told him if he would find

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of a slight cardiac disturbance believed to be due to toxemia. All

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liver kidneys and other organs but without the formation of

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above all by the presence in the blood at intervals from one to

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varied by administering varying quantities of urea.

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the animal injected with the sterilized virus so that it can be

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Guinea pig after tuberculosis inoculation from man rabbit

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