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Such small herds in which all become early infected and in
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breaks take place in spring the time when children are vaccinated.
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loins. The extensive range of the spinal nerves and momen
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occurred. Hemolysis could not be demonstrated as a cause of this type
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It seems worth while to call attention to the close relation between
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Disinfection of the nasal passages has been attempted by per
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seems impossible. The local swelling may become excessive
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in venous pressure would be followed by a decrease in the filling
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had an intermittent temperature from one to two degrees above normal.
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than forty years engaged in like pursuits in a close personal
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from handling a horse suffering from farcy. Soon other cases
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The colorless mercuric solution though effective and inodorous
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may be detected pea like elevations which become surrounded
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nant oedema into the veins of a ram and then practised bis
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occurred or not. Table 3 gives the observations made at intervals on
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animals. I ustig in a certain number of cases satisfied himself
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susceptibility in dogs that have passed through a first attack.
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Geographical Distribution. This di.sease has been hitherto de
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adapted to the varying susceptibility of different animals are
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records a fatal case with extensive suppuration among the muscles
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