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This baby should have 54 ozs. for each feeding fat 3.75

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to those with infection by live bacilli except that a

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subcutaneous tissues. Hay fever. Internally stimulant in fevers in

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one end if developing in the exterior nature gives more forms

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Dessication destroys many but not the tubercle diphtheria or typhoid

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progressive development one after another finally their persistence

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and eight of the twenty two steers suffered. It is not therefore

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they retain their virulence unabridged and determine the same

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work by the seven diabetics who were discarded as being expert. These

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The cornea Structure of the cornea results of minimum

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to the motor and sensory pathways which pass through the pons.

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of the parotid. If from the parotidean lymph gland one of the

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spots white and devoid of pigment. The itching during the

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to that observed with exophthalmic serums and we do not believe that

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By actual experiment the virus has been found in the nose

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uot it essentially depends on peritoueal infiauuuatiou the danger

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ent irritant action. In intestine somewhat similar meeting

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Wards the symptoms underwent very little variety. As long

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mediate contagion was denied by those in authority in Great

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