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employed the same remedy in Germany and had acquired great repuw

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and four samples of blood for analysis. A specimen of urine taken at

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the graduating class. May you live long and prosper. The

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staining slightly in the centre which shows one clear spot and more

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the main part of the liver the longitudinal fissure and broad

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forth the admiration of the citizens. However what was of

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the straps are thus easily detached from the subjacent parts

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had not been previously attacked including heifers carrying

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tent of cranium is not examined permission reftised. Abdomen The uterus

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On the l6th of December 18 IS pressure was commenced

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X 3781 blood volume before f 4675 blood volume after 0.338

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as well as found in sporadic cases dependent in the first case

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terial. Some 20 000 patients are treated annually in the minor

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doubtless because of relative weakness and on account of their

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and intestinal mucosae have been noted usually with a dark firm

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lowed to remain exposed to the air under pain of causing chill.

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applicable to the subjects of severalof the third section which

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changes in the red blood cells except their decrease in number due to

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Further information regarding the examinations may be

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