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erties and was not found in cadavers from other diseases he

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other endocrine 24.4 per cent show slight elevations.

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material was given at each test and subjects were marked on the per

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lesions. A pure culture thrown into the lung tissue of an old

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Diurese und Chloridausscheidung sowie auf das Harnammoniak Deutsch. Arch.

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thyroid tetany and in infantile tetany Rowland and Marriott

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cision and the tooth makes its appearance without any further resistance.

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extensively employed in spite of its tendency to encrease consti

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portion of the lung is covered more or less thickly with false

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with most successful results from inhalation of sulphurous acid

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the resulting scab. Desiccation scabbing and desquamation com

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liniment she recovered the use of her arm in about four days

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man found symptoms of tetany identical with those in this patient in voluntary

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would ensue from the actual contact of these parts ihe Gbres do not

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In a minority of cases slow wasting occurs while the mus

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with the raising of a tenacious mucus and the patient was often compelled

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rectly the lymph glands. The infection entering with the food

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