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the supply of the Italian Army. In 1892 Japan suffered through

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treatment the majority survive. There remains however in a

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motile non liquefying and bleached by Gram s solution. It grew

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high average to estimate them at 20. Again the average in

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The horse that has apparently recovered from dourine still con

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facts show that sometimes after careful injection of these

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And therefore if it does so exist according to your doctrine wonTd

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poisonous articles. Borax may be rubbed freely on the patches.

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building standing near the river in the north division of this

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contact. The precautions adopted when fresh cattle were pur

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yards utensils etc. Isolation of unaffected on porous soil surveillance.

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tenacious exudate and their walls appear thickened. The larger blood vessels

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vital capacity as cases in which physical and roentgen ray examination

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germs from the intestines and infective inflammation of the

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the forces under discussion. A considerable amount of water may

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appetite depraved the patient preferring earth or manure to the

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the edema disappeared on restricted diets. In the two cases with

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