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yet a large proportion of the cases on record have been in strong
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phenylalanin. glycin and asparagin were without action. Schlecht
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experience with the study of this unusual type of pulmonary inflam
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subsides slowly up to midwinter and encreases again in spring.
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with the formation of skin nodules in groups or chains which re
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spread equally throughout the new blood volume and become cor
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as they were unable to prevent it by immediately restoring the blood
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An important consideration would be to seclude every animal
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blishment of lazarettos in Great Britain I nerer hoard tlmt it haa
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from Rush Medical College. After his graduation he practiced
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demand that a herd should be freed from the infection in short
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at midsternum opposite the fourth costal cartilage being trans
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of the blood the hematin which enters the tube of the dentine imparting
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a correct diagnosis if such cases present leukemic blood pictures. The
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solids as well as liquids. Diminishes tissue waste.
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one of the lower animals may fail in the human being. Thus
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the accumulation of herds to consume the marc the extraordi
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is very rare in the larger animals but has been repeatedly seen
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autumn attack the sheep might be fenced out from the alkaline
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of sputum which contained Spironcma bronchialc in large numbers.
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In April in Chicago the paroxysmal attacks of dyspnea again returned with
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in chronic interstitial nephritis the water content of blood increases or
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lege degrees or on one two. or three years of preparatory
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genitally Abnormal Hearts. Congenitally abnormal hearts which at
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goat ox dog pig horse. Forms Discrete confluent haemorrhagic.
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came detached from the bone felt like cartilaginous plates of
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to point to this disease. The earlier meningeal symptoms are

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