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the cities are Santa Fe, with a population at that time of 7000 ;
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that it occurs during the summer months and reaches its maximum in
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however, by the fact that all this work is really centring around the
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but of a fairer blewifh purple color , and more live-
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not fo thick , but more flat , and of a more Styptick
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His more intimate friends miss his genial face, his old school
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Miiller will then explain are based on the presence of an extremely
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green, they cool, moderately dty, and difeufs withal,
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Its manner, of growing is ft me thing like the Chick-
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Figure of this Riant Lobel has given us from Corne-
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as the deep Blufh, the pale Blufh, the Infants Blufh,
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II. T be Kinds. It is a fingular Plant of the kind,
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the top , and white both on the out fide and on the
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and where it is a Native , or in Virginia, Florida,
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it is profitable againlt the Kings Evil ; taking away
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and by many Piper Guinea , as tho’ it came origi-
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Tbeopbrajli , in Enghjh Hares- Ears. It isdoubtleis
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: Carlina Lcucacantha Dodonai • Carlins: alter urn ge-
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correctly quoted, he said, " Mr. Gross wants to know whether
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riles about five or fix Inches high, with a few large
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5 l Clarified Juice of Bugle a pint : Honey three oun-
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throat of fuch as Chew them. They are Aperitive, Iii-
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hut not unpleafingi towards the tops, from the bot-
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operation relieved the distressing symptoms as long as the urin-
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kles, font thing broad , not much differing from the
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near unto the fmell of Calamint or fenny-royal. The
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{101 color , each of them Jet in a large green Husk,
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firft Degree, and dry in the fecond ; Aftringent, Re-
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ninety-six; respirations, thirty; temperature 101°. During all this
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greateft Englifh Carnation , or Old Carnation. It is
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WoundSjOi foul, running, and putrid Ulcers, it clean-
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fifth the Title (hews came out of the Weft Indies ,
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flue Sugar Candy 5 Pounds, make a Syrup in Balneo ,
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Conjijiency. Some only flicc the Root into very thin
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to five which are fnipt about the edges, f oft, hairy,
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fiilled Water, do. A Spirituous TinHure. t r . ,/j ?;
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ders the Defluxion, clean fes and dries, and in a great
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thing againft the Palfie, being inwardly taken, and
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rifes up a naked Stalk, three Feet high, bearing at
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will frequently help coughs as far as drugs are concerned rather than
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Seed, either whitifh or blackilh,. according as the
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