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examination has failed to reveal changes in the bone marrow is correct

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From an early stage of the attack the submaxillary lymphatic

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relation to the formation of the sex prevalence of males in

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sents serious difficulties. There may be tenderness of the inter

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tures produced all the symptoms pulmonary and cerebro spinal

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pletion of the operation instead of finding any bad consequences to

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regeneration of the existing cause the living micro organism.

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one to four hours after the feeding. The remainder of the observations

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way developing indigestion and thereby robbing the tissues of

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gation of virulence in the germ and again we see the same

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times it is impossible to distinguish this from widespread nasal

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tender with suppurative or necrotic foci and the adjacent lymph

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tribute largely to the propagation of the disease on the one hand

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of the disease. In some the affection appears to be a purely local

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