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power is proportionate to the quantity of electricity passing through a

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of human sputum the bacilli in six cases showed a fair average

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rative process or necrosis and become detatched from their lower

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drop in temperature was accompanied by improvement in general symptoms.

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whole question of bone marrow findings in polycythemia is in need of

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contractions. This is especially true of spasms of the cardia induced

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Gordon of Quincy Mass. records the case of a ten months old

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of sanitary police. To avoid the evil every one aspiring to the

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Otto four cases averaging 6 165 000 Schwinger 5 080 765 and

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patient and for tuberculosis the same principles will apply. In

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lack of automatic movements its comparatively poor growth in

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a direct sedative but Messrs. Duvioman and Par amp nt say

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ther the inflammation proceeds from the iris to the sclerotic

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and died at his house in Hatton Garden. He was buried at

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in 1906 studied the History of Medicine extensively before

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and capricious appetite debility early exhaustion under exertion

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interesting observations of Sanarelli on the symbiosis of the

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genus having a sort of crown with crotchets and a sucking mouth

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