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affects males more frequently than females nothing of import

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In our experience if quinidin was eft ective in producing sinus

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and so discomforting to the patient that attention was unavoidably

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of the male urethra and its frequent flushing throughout its whole

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paid his former loan and with the balance defrayed the ex

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citizen a man distinguished in letters and a skilled surgeon of

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average of six and seven tenths months following examination. Of

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deep wound. The ready escape of the toxic products the active

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eases with high blood creatinin exhibited a corresponding increase in

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greenish like the stools of an infant. The hiccup continued

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an ovoid bacterium a little larger than that of fowl cholera mo

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to be of great value in differentiating cases suitable for high protein

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ried to its logical conclusion and applies to the cellular ele

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rations which the spinal column atid its eofitentllLre d titidd

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not reasonable to place muscles in the most natural state of ease

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Artificial respiration. Both phrenic nerves sectioned. Water manometer trac

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to the urethra in several instances but no disease ever resulted

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the valve shows an inflammatory process. This process is an infiltration

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