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is often given in combination with carbonate of potassium — 10 minims of
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variety only of the bacillus, or organisms indistinguishable from it, were found. Of the
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Finally swing the high-power objective into place, find the edge
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candidate for mundane existence, — different views have been
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The circles connected by a broken line indicate fluid intake; the solid dots
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other, but, on the contrary, in the belief that a larger amount of
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a rapid heart action. There was no headache or other symptoms.
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a valued correspondent needs no comment from us further than
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stances leave the body. Except for very small quantities of
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been treated with the most heroic measures, under which she
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tion. Buchner has shown that castor-oil causes a necrosis of the tissues.
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the epithelial and glandular elements, produced either by repeated or continued
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and enough cotton to prevent the slides from being jostled about;
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or in the air. I have experimented with them for the purpose of
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Perforation is practically always fatal. » Certain cases of recovery, by
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Perforation is practically always fatal. » Certain cases of recovery, by
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its presence by infection is a pathogenetic organism. Bacteria may be
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or may originate from the alveoli. The power of regeneration
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culture is streaked on additional (secondary) plates. (See b and c
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and when present, the titer is usually below 1 :20. In such cases,
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its value as a therapeutic observation, I admit ; but, at the same
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serum or ascitic fluid if necessary. The human plasma must be of
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I should like now to say something of the use of vaccines in
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belonging to the hemorrhagic diathesis. In such cases, from any
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markedly the optical density of the Jaffe reaction prod-
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especially if a quick result is desired. The ventricular rate can

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