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My investigation of the blood pressure of healthy Cantonese was
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followed by a gradual fall. The greatest increase appeared to be
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osteitis deformans started as an osteomalacia resulting first in a marked
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ifficulty in walking which has since increased. Examination
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tratracheal inhalation or by feeding always failed to give
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of the men who have done most in the interest of medical
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its virulence in free air and sunshine and one has to dread
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pleura pericardium heart liver spleen kidneys peritoneum
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debility sunken head drooping wings and tail ruf amp ed feathers
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lymph glands and liver diffluent blood bacilli in capillaries. Inoculation
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tion of arsenicals ehminated spirochetes from the sputum but did not
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grayish infiltrated tissue surrounding each pulmonary lobulette
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be prodromata especially in sheep excitability restlessness and
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The stomach in its greater curvature especially is usually
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nonreticulated cells. It would seem that their increasing frequency
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be construed as indicating that the excitation wave starts at the base.

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