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as well as the names of the author, and the articles are

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if n„lv ..n.-.nintl. ..r l.-ss is l.-ft. a rapi.Uy fatal typ.- -l.-v.-l.-ps. .\s n,

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ereatiiie. That siiidi a |)roeess of iiii'th\ lafion iiia> actually occur in the

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and two other counties were placed within the provisionally quaran-

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Chicago. If an animal exhibited indications of a disease making

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ter, St. Louis; A. R. McComas, Sturgeon; James R. Mc-

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(juirc tlio piiwor (if Myintr Mrai-rlit, or and ttiis is particularly important -

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cardial surfaces. A large chain of caseous lymph glands, extending from

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ingitis. The portal of entry of the organism was most pro])ably

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^a,i..Ms in tl,.' s,.i,u,l Tw.. i< ..C vas.-ular irll..x,.s xv.'.r

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and stenosis of the lower branch ot the right pulmonary artery. This

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.•ire of \alue therefore when they yield positive results. Neiralive re-

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;.'lneosc ill the llniil oiitsiile the dialy/cr is exactly cipial to the total siitrar

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jiy .•..inpaiis-.n of ill.' fally a.M.l, l.'.-it liin. iiinl .•li..!.'st.T..I I.'uls -'f

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annual loss on account of the detrimental effect that such immunity

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