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fully conducted post mortem examination and of the further

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filled up to consume the swill or supply the milk route and thus

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by exposure and accidental inoculations can be had in abundance

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Another resort advised by Curtice when a large tick free pas

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pure virulent blood is injected. The result has been perfectly

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polymorphonuclear neutrophil cells a few polymorphonuclear eosinophil cells

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esprit de corps in Rush alumni let him read the following

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tion and though it may appear to extend to a week when the

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a change of blood is required buy the bull young and keep him

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W. H. Folsom 97 has been appointed house physician at

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The prognosis of pyaemia is always grave and death may be

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There follow trembling or rigors accelerated pulse 80 to 90

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Incubation appears to be longer than in equine influenza vary

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front of the iliac bones and manipulation may detect the tuber

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ing of the tail looking at the flanks and even lying down and

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case with respect to the temples. There is but one exception

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in one market of many animals drawn from widely different

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Senior chest throat and nose The etiology of pulmonary

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by the startling fact that every form of micro organism can

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is easily effected. If the disease is complicated by some other infection

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or gnaws it often breaking it open anew. There is usually

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syphilis examination of the fluid having been carried out in most

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baiting about forty years ago at an inn in Stratford heard an

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your knife after the cheek is well raised divide the mucous membrane just

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dry the head pendent the eyes dull or semiclosed and congested

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deeply stained and the contained blood dark and diffluent or

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no further sign of tuberculosis with separate attendants utensils

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ever did not at all consume the bodies. The disease attacked first

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often representing the solitary glands and the masses of ingesta

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appear in different subjects in the same epizootic and when they

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nell College Mount Vernon Iowa will be of especial interest

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does not seem to be automatic. In peptonised bouillon it produces

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fed on the milk of tuberculous cows. Among 2 000 tubercu

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