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thinks some of them may act beneficially by their influence on the
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The nose lesions may be treated by the weaker solutions of iodine
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origin the decompensation period supervenes. Further impairment of
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I determined to give her a chance for her life by making an
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usually distended with bile. The spleen had the large size and
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a series of cases of the latter affection. Conversely in an out
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lungs the stomach or bowels the mesentery the omentum the
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thalein excretion and augmented amounts of nitrogen in the blood.
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the form of melancholia or mania. The former condition is
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fluid. In two instances in which the absolute blood volume was
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In the infectious pneumonia occasionally seen in western cattle
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of recovery. In man the ratio of recoveries are about as follows
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sons of the following occupations hostlers 42 farmers and horse
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his urine and his feces at times passed involuntarily. That
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pected animal was already the victim of the affection which had
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tion and as it results from some more general and pre exist
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ing and watering of the animals on the day of testing. Other
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tbeniy must be manifest on die slightest consideration on the
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ment should be abandoned because of a few unsuccessful cases.
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mation of which the cell clusters and nodules are the result yet
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bearers and if these can be further excluded by screens the con
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marrow pathology during life that we can hope to arrive at means for
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some portion of it by which the become tumid torpid and tncapa.
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that he will die. Unless absolutely certain and forced to it
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the more purely agricultural fields where herds are small and
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Many of the articles are illustrated and of marked interest.
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uncertain and tlie method required too much time. This was chiefly due
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disease and on the policy of the American go.vernment respecting the
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have cleared the stomach of irritant contents. In the exceptional
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of examination for diagnosis and therefore gives the most obvi
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