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it became evident that both dogs were losing weight. From that time

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c. Infection by Graduated Lijections of Blood Containing the

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the kidneys were excluded. The collection of urine was started after

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little physical work however during the day he is always dressed and

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of hypertonic saline solution was an immediate and marked increase

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home via Nashville Tenn. where he met Prof. Stehman and

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usually reaches 104 F. and may rise to 109 F. The breathing

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evident from Table 8 in which the readings made during the first fifteen

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Be systematic in your work map out the plan for the day

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blister over precardiac region hyperemia cold bath acetani

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sen president. Franing is now trying to get up enough spirit

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areas could be practiced and their place supplied by the immune

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spaces. Benedikt and Babes attach much importance to the for

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ment iodoform 20 grains eucalyptol 40 minims phenic acid 20

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its nature and how much is due to the beginning cirrhosis can

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Tetany a report of cases with acid base disturbance S. B. Grant 355

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action of one or more Stales in admitting store cattle only after a

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fully will have little difficulty in unravelling any case of val

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form of the early grayish or transparent nodule or even more

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made into the swelling exposes a mass of blood extravasation

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Prof. Bridge will leave for his home in California about De

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the infected milch cow which is distributing the infecting element

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and Dr. Hamilton was elected to the vacancy. His attachment

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mediate contagion was denied by those in authority in Great

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may imply a previous exposure and acquired immunity on the

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and digestion improve under the confinement. In general

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be restricted to the new born lambs in infected herds or herds in

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membranes a considerable odorless gelatinoid liquid exudate

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tions and that in the cases of chronic nephritis without anemia they are

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paid his former loan and with the balance defrayed the ex

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Chapters 16 and 17 give the lesions of the bones and joints and

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thrombi sequestra infarction fibroid sac or stalactite like fibroid peribron

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cago June 4 and low rates one famplus 2.00 for the round

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chlorate of potash sodium salicylate iron chloride copperas silver nitrate.

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for St. Charles played the best game against the Rush men.

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