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Time of holding Annual Meetings of County Societies.

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its relations to this disease we now know more than we did and

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While the existence of a specific cholera germ endowed

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In support of this view it has been shown that the Pharma

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stop pack and repack before work can be resumed. I would

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Patient Material Nine patients admitted to NIMH for psychiatric

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marked ability and mastery of the subject that he deemed it worthy of

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enunciated the doctrine that these abscesses were due to

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certain hypertrophies of the lymphatic glands their cell elements are multiplied to

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time many of them are only one third of the normal size and

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even chloroform. Chemistry so far as it bears on the nature and

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years and rear several broods of birds. The young mother bird

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is costly and the larger the family the less care and the less

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tation and to commerce. Should such an untoward event happen

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seemed to be but little choice between the title assigned and

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Treatment. The treatment of cholera infantum is mainly prophylactic

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The county superintendents of the state are deeply interested in

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pyelitis. This diphtheritic membranous exudation is liable to become de

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care except such as were already affected with cystitis. I

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showed either a type pneumococcus or a streptococcus or both.

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the notices in the cars. I am fully persuaded that the notice witli

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painful and tender. While in the hospital she had a white

is phenytoin used to treat epilepsy

the pulse diminishes in frequency the patient seemingly having decidedly

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engendered which after heavy expense and weeks and months

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of all four extremities. If the clot is formed still

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