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in those cases that had beeu treated by ^^olent re-
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tuJJ ol blood, so as to prevent anv of the deeper pai-ts
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person who happened to be present at certain trans-
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nous polypoid concretions which occluded the left auriculo-ventric-
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was severe pain. A free incision gave exit to a large
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pregnancy with a normal uterus was necessarily very
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bad, or indifferent ? Was the Association to accept
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and attentive to the sick patients, and, in fact, there
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that the Directors of the Medical Provident Society
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ing of the features, with a corpse-like staking of the
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the great vessels at the base. This traction or retraction can be thus
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the Sanatorium — which are themselves stUl in excel-
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outer table. ... A few years ago, a man was brought
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first victim, yet that isolated acts of creation by the
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ns with its influence and good services ; the students
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cation of the natural sciences. But, above all men,
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Uvidity, highly injected, and, towards the pyloric end
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conclude that the Dean of the Faculty (Dr. Tardieu)
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his essay was based on a series of experiments which
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annual subscriptions amounted to nearly £500. They
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chronic inversion of, 541 ; hiumon'hage from, ib. ;
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ulcers on the legs; but these had existed, he said.
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in the worst possible state to resist infection, or

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