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that not only are the peripheral nerve fibres the seat of a primary degenera-
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skin, as when an animal is long confined in the slings, when
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then generically termed. At this period the question of the com-
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In conclusion, I will state that in the first years of
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4 ml Ringer’s Lactate / % area burned / Kg body weight / total
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iron, for both shoes and nails, and not with that cheap sub-
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3. s., X, 234-242.— Pai-isot (P.) De la contagion de la
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scale in favor of the patient's life. The seven years
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2. Bright's Disease, or Nephritis. Walter Sands Mills.
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where it had existed in the form of an altered secre-
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Olei Cajeputi, rr^y. vel q. s. ut fiat massa in pilulas
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Doubtless this coldness tells of very slow movement
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profession soared higher into the principles of life and deeper
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sale. .Of its utility after purchase there is room for personal
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sion took place, the patient became worse, and died in four or five days.
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(Mt't^OTHOiQCNTtitNCD— ^05t-t>COCOH'lQlOiHiHO'^trt>»OCDOa
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wound after operation was left without any instrument passed
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ieparate vitality of their own, each after its kind, and
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(a) Lec. on the Prac. of Physic, by Wm. Stokes, M. D., second American Ed. 466
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excellent physician of his age hath left it witnessed of
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Board for 1897-98, is emphatic on the question of vaccination. He points
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Morbid Anatomy.— The skin lesions which may be found are the
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being perfectly uneventful. At the present time, four
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aritlimetical mean of the daily maximal and minimal temperatures
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Three weeks ago the belly and legs began to swell, and a week ago he was
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symptoms, and may pass unnoticed even during labour. If more pronounced,
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come of a debate in the House of Lords, July 16, during which
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This protrusion sometimes occupies the scrobiculus, and may then involw
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these probatory exercises of the students, and nominate from
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graduate Medical Education, has accepted the Medical
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like to say that good cannot be done by operations for
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that it was better to construct baths and gymnasia with money from the
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be fully admitted that in some instances it may be difficult to be certain
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nently set in place which will allow of the swinging of three
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had none before. At 6 a. m. his temperature was 100° F., pulse
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nity, and when, in 1883, the third senior society, known
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garded more in the light of a very important early symp-
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erythema nodosum. A few days later similar lesions be-
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the more common, but in this country the former appears to be the
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by the formation of thrombus. In either case the result is ischsemic
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Oil of cajeput with camphor, dissolved in oil of tur-'
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(the ratio of benefits incurred to premiums earned)
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fluid contains about 15 purts of firm constituent to the 1,000 ; no albo-

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