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are few or absent or like the hardy highland kyloes of the
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I emphasize the fact that the comparison made is between an actual
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and treatment of all kind as we with folded hands look upon
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Action of physical and chemical agents on the bacillus anthracis.
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diagnostic symptoms in a striking manner. In very severe cases
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joined with an aloetic laxative and aconite I have seen this
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TABLE 5. Data on Ten Normal Controls After Glucose Ingestion
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special precautions as regards the exposure of other herds.
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ferring other diseases from animal to animal by contact by the
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the Marine Hospital at Chelsea Boston Harbor in 1877 and
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said to be communicable to man while in England Ceely failed
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The advocates of diagnostic gland excision for confirmation of either
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embarrassment of illegitimate competition and the entire pro
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of infection from pen to pen can be kept at its minimum. All
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siderable periods and this is an important point to be considered as
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northern states and on this a modus vivendi for a trade in
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of inflammation largely consisted of cells but as yet the opin
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it has few peers as to size in the country. Its graduates are

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