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tended as far as I know with any improvement of vision.
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purchased animal it would be worth the purchaser s while to
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Would the circumstance of plague not having been seen for so many
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resolution to incite him to pursue steadily and vigorously the
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must be carefully quarantined so that no infection may escape on
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in both. The difference lies therefore in the amount accomplished
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follicles are met with. The lymph glands at the base of the
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Case 1. The first monkey received Nov. 25 1919 was a patticularly active
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ing there will be a demonstration of Surgical Anatomy on the
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larged it to double its original capacity. Again in another
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The abscesses usually appear under the sternum or belly and
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tained two large lecture rooms besides rooms for chemical an
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medies are exclusively or especially appropriate as well as of
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attribute to the germ alone the deadly results and who assume
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other stock. Itching may be severe and the constant rubbing
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times that he became physician to the Charter House fellow
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