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in our own practice to supersede in many instances digitalis

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primates and in this order are limited almost exclusively to the Cebidae.

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We regret that we cannot supply our readers with a point of

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after extensive original research on the thyroid gland. He

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tines kidneys blood firm or diffluent. Symptoms Hyperthermia nasal

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elongated and are arranged in several rows as if in increased proliferation.

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Contagion carried by attendants cattle dealers and even dogs is

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received. Let us make the Corpuscle a success and a credit

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nificance of vital capacity test in pulmonary tuberculosis bronchial

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cow 11 040 grammes and the pig 29 698 grammes. This is in

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studied as one might wish. Future studies may decide whether or not

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At the meeting of the Chicago Pathological Society April

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disturbed in hemiplegia in paraplegia they remain free. The

prednisone treatment side effects

absence of complement is shown by the fact that when the fresh

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giving a positive globulin reaction is suggestive that the albumin

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there was ample clinical evidence in these patients of the nervous

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