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cludes the greater facility in determining the current acquisi
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In view of the frequent persistence of this malady in a given
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constructed spirometer of the Gad Krogh type. In the calibration of
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mammary line the beaded point came in contact with the diaphragm central
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ile pus due to copper in anterior chamber of eye con
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diseased mas which had once been the upper eyelid hnng
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occur independently of intestinal obstruction. These are both conditions
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for they still show a wise provision against a terrible though
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Nocard describes the affection in the horse as characterized by
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particularly in the viscera. Conditions leading to hyperirritability in
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roentgenograms. These cases were grouped according to the extent of
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with safety and if rightly understood are calculated to give
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recovery can in some few instances be looked for since
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with no amoebae only the bacillus coli communis. The odor was
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burned carefully secluded or treated with dilute sulphuric acid.
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fatal infection. A certain grade of immunity was the natural re
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pigeons and a harmlessness toward the inoculated Guinea pig.

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