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the study of this part of the sui>ject, to get beyond the

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use of large hot vaginal douches it was possible to do

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Report on Practical Medicine. — This report is also quite

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the region of the liver (pains resembling hepatic colic) ;

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is going on very satisfactorily. We regret that we have not

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aneurysm, implicating the origin of the left carotid, and com-

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to the detriment of their service. The program of cardiac transplan-

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any such analysis has been actually published. The spoken

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cident with the dilatation. I have, indeed, been surprised at the ease

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number of the Monthly, have been received with great favor by the

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duce even the slightest palliative effect, their prophylactic virtue is

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cerations were found in the large intestine, extend-

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complete cleanliness of person, the ritual factors of

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out the volume of nurses needed to relieve the current

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more prominent and rigid. This, however, was explained by

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<* then adopted ?" None. I consult my own experience, and

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continues 19 weeks, and is devoted to Practical Anatomy, the Principles and Practice of Surgeiy,

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may not be possible by even the most experienced car-

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denoting a tendency to a particular ibrm of disease, whereas vulnerability

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matic element back of the cutaneous disease these sulphiur

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51. de La Chapelle CE: Management of the Acute Episode of Coronary

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if they had seen any cases of the kind. They informed me that a number

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he believes it to be a promoter of health and happiness. He

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are very important, You must always strive to discover the

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by warm clothing. It is probable that pilocarpine will prove beneficial

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Aperient for Children of three years of age. — De. West.

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In my next article I will report an interesting series of cases

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Resonance and breathing normal throughout, except at the base of

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establishment of the natural passage and closure of that

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behavior of the sera toward the corpuscles derived from various

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subject at a recent meeting of the Neurological Society,

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