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new born calves which proved fatal by white scour a few

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cutaneous inoculation on a soliped failed while transfusion of blood

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observed in 1892 Rancoule in 1896 Blin and lyambert.

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trated by round cells and are surrounded by areas of pneumonic infiltration.

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vations and experiments that ever physiologist and anatomist

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percentages also have seemed too high. From the present evidence it

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It now remains to close the vessels by ligating those on

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Hie conviction of ultimately recovering the fnl powetr of her limb.

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heavy difficult and accompanied by a considerable wheezing noise.

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through obturation with secreted mucus the air contained in the alveoli

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silver paper wetted with rectified spirit and ligplrted mte a largie belU

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either a smaller amount or a smaller concentration was given. The

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More stimulating to mucous tract more or less astringent

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in the inferior dental canal and thus excites the disturbance in other

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is most marked in the back and loins along the longissimus dorsi

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failure to develop under nerve pressure or improve under thyroid extract

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Its growth on the surface of glycerin agar is white cream like

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towet and fatigue proceeded from an attack of inflammatory

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made into a herd by themselves and placed on a special range

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great interlobular infiltration or if worked hepatization dark congested

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given space without any relation to the transmitting vessel and that

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formation may address him Postamt 7 postlagerud Berlin

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in the center of the deep aspect and corresponding to the pit.

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Cases Witli Marked Loss of Albumin Hemoglobin Erythrocytes

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the hyperthermia is almost pathognomonic of the operation of the

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failure of extension and generalization of the sputum germ when

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not be omitted. 4th. Palliative treatment by antispasmodics nar

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advanced caseous or cretaceous centres. These latter serve to

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teria that have been classed together as pasteurella. It usually

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production of the defensive agents is not fully known though cer

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certain graphic abnormalities in definite clinical types of cardiopathies.

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Richard Fiest age 33 of whose case the annexed plate affords

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deserved attention for it presents in very complete form a subject about which

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