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system should spring up alongside of the Vienna school,

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"When the penis is protruded it may present no alteration, or

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motion of the multiplier, and the order of succession of poles

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without further loss of blood, the puerperium being un-

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static pressure alone. This is a simple and cheaj) instrument,

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Hawk, P. B., and Rulon, Jr., S. A.: Excretion of chlorids following copious

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M. Take at once, or in two doses, one hour apart. Let me say, once

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acid. Larger quantities may be met with in various diseases, and,

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in the great surgical systems ; but it has occurred

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States, with 66 operations, saved double the number of women that our trans-

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The fourth case died on the fourteenth day of the disease, of acute

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alimentation with the white of egg produced first a congestion and then

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characteristic of each, he referred to the importance of

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medical institutions could not be made self-supporting un-

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peritonitis set in ; the abdominal muscles become rigid, the

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iliac fossa. A careful examination of the chest failed

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Dupuytren, and in operating on this gentleman, placed him in the recum-

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thickened and covered with ragged proliferations. The joint contains

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