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in another for two. Of these forty patients five for various

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alkaloid. What, on the other hand, are the disadvantages of this

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sterno-pubic muscles were either separated, or deficient, for the heart was

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Albuminuria, with and without Dropsy: its different Forms,

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still too small to justify any positive conclusion, it may be understood

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were more or less affected with the other symptoms. The treatment consisted

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" 5. In the substance of the granular layer of the plate is found, in

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Boil. — A boii is a small abscess of the skin. Wi

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trough containing water, the trough being so constructed that the

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a friend. The street-car conductor would put his trade-

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divided by a piercer. Mr. Callender accordingly performed the

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rarely, atrophy spontaneously. The various plans of treatment —

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oil an evacuation took place, and the stomach and head were gradually

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The noematachometer consists of a prism, which, loaded with

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self under medical treatment, to which during the last six months she attended,

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must chiefly look for data on this interesting question ; and it is^

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"Cold sores" appear in the course of various acute ■

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blenorrhcBa nor any morbid secretion of the uterine or other system, that could

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any other tract of equal extent in the world, the alluvial lands in the southern

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case should bring forth a vigorous civil action for damages

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cbow^s attention was first called to a formation of the kind m

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try hard to do so. Next he should shake his scalp, as

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The inferior vermiform process was occupied by a tubercle the size of a com-

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with periods of downward progress. The patient usually

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For details contact Ralph H. Shilling, M.D., Presi-

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20th. Has steadily but slowly improved. He is yet feeble, but his mind

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acetate of lead. She was speedily affected with prostration of strength, paleness and

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at first when the parts were so closed; but a redivision of these parts, and restora-

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row tract extending even a hundred miles; and the boundaries separating

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on its discovery and conviction, should be kept in mind; very

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selves relieved of their impediment. Many have seemed wild with joy, or have

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ing it to drop into the abdomen, or with the knife and ligature.

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general rule, in order to make such an examination, it is

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lines and its circumference 9 lines. Looking at it exteriorly, one

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pounds. It does not in the least affect the general health.

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youngest being sst. 4, was admitted January 8th, 1845. She had

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however, we find the same physical signs that occur in typhoid pneumonia,

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on at a certain hour, increasing up to a certain hour, then

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entered into. The enlargement of the thyroid gland, the first

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paracentesis, and the precise character of the general treatment

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secures the caries from contact with the air and food, but also accustoms the

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jerking of the face against the bedding. She was able to answer

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