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tion the safe disposal of all products from milk to manure and

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or softened tissue in connective tissue necrosis and

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been on a hunting trip in Michigan since leaving the Hospital.

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in the absence of the bacilli of anthrax emphysematous anthrax

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right cavity of the thorax contained two pints of fluid similar

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tonsil and the disease is essentially one of childhood develop

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anesthesia and in the dog with the permanent fistula sudden stretching

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be an absence of the effect of certain specific renal stimulants and

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redness swelling and pain. If neglected if not treated properly as I have

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shows no other indication of glanders if his general health ap

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the efforts to rise the respiratory muscles may become spastic

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Indians of both sexes. Tiring of frontier life he resigned and

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various colors. He established the first School of Physiology

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The infected hides the nasal buccal kidney and bowel dis

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minimal and moderately advanced disease many of whom are con

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for the cardiovascular system has to adapt itself to two diverse forms

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Family history negative. Past history with record of smallpox malaria and

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stables and horses and habitually causes in exposed or debili

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In Figure 2 these limits are charted from smoothed curves derived

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