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therefore drawn off with a catheter commonly twice a day.

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We have made ninety four observations on seventy five normal

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of the essential parts of the equipment of a president Dr.

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ing the milk of tuberculous cows and had infected calves pigs

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plexes. Fifty minutes after the fourth dose the extrasystoles disappeared and

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a most comprehensive article based on his experience and that of

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ted to parasitisms of the lungs liver or alimentary canal alone.

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arrhythmia after the drug has been given. It is probable that the

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ployed for the removal of the worms. The author recommends par

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and which later was permitted to become dogmatic and on

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The Louisiana Quarantine Station erected at about the same

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seldom affected. In slight cases of pressure even tlie thoracic

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quent branching contrary to the habit of bacilli and forming

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Cerebrospinal fluid studies of cerebrospinal fluid and blood of syphilitic

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deprive her almost entirely of rest at night and which through

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agated wholly in a downward direction. Actually the greater part

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stages from the early congested nodule to advanced caseation or

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body shall rest partly on the neck and shoulders on other pil

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pletely extinguished by the destruction of the infectioti in its

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slightly more and the muscle slightly less. Marshall and Davis criti

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lesions in guttural pouch or tube larynx trachea bronchia lungs peri

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finely pointed pencil to the vessels leading to the cornea will

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Late Captain 7th Royal British Fusiliers Knight of St. Ferdinand amp c.

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afFi tion spoken of as a state of debility or wajot of excitement

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under the right ear. The whole of the covering integument

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found that tetanus was prevented in those animals only which

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An indefinite number of other exemplary cases might be

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herbivora. Different genera differ in susceptibility the recep

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acidity and emptying time than there is for him to show marked

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We refer to bone marrow cultures in septic anemias and in generalized j

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showing the bone changes in rickets and arthritis deformans

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