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The following case from my ward in the Philadelphia
Ixvii, 174. Al.HO, Eeprint.— Bryant (T.) Remarks on
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the statistics of diff^erent observers not strictly comparable, and they
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Cultivation experiments were attempted with the filtered naso-
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By pursuing the course pointed out, the bank president
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small, and unequal: delirium, if it had existed, ceases, and the
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cated in cardiac weakness, or with soft pulse and dilated arteries, but it
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The starch-used in testing the twenty-four-hour control was twenty-four
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themselves end to end. h, c, Hair containing the plant in an early
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or a slight granular precipitate of washed-out particles of tissue
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fi)und this condition in 46 cases; 28 of these were said to be chi'onic
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other words within ten years from the period of vaccination.
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of all physiology, just as atoms are the foundation stones of
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predict much for the future. Others, having given it a
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don physician can receive from his brethren. It should be added that the supe-
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New Haven Hospital. Excellent salary and benefits which in-
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mat rub __ l'I cl it a 7i Induraitd Jfn and t7d^f U fu yrtsk /fjf
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The joint lesions should correspond to certain segments, but they do not.
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of the common forceps of J. Y. Simpson" (Ass'n Journal,
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Epididymitis, The Treatment of. By J. T. Windell, M.D., 411
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drop in alcoholic or arsenical neuritis, pain, tenderness, and other sensory
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the pathological response on the part of the kidney, and a study of
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way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else. — Ruskin.
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very small amount is required to keep the patient under.
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With the adA'ent of the asthenic stage, or period of cardiac
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Remy, Cii.^ [Prof, agrege de la Faculty de med. de Paris.]
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Gastro-Intestinal Form — He said that in the gas-
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mixture of meal and water, but this is often omitted before the last
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Royal Albert Hospital, Devokport. — Resident Medical Officer. Can-
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method which investigates, observes and proves before it accepts any-
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passed, as it were, into a deep sleep. But when the spring
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Necessity of Vital Statistics in Public Health Work. — The first duty
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the legs. It is needless to direct the attention of a buyer to
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or restricted dietaries — a psychological boost of inestimable value
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with treatment an attack of dysentery. If persons resid-
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Burdett, W., M.R.C.S.E., of TinwcU, formerly of St.amford, on April 11.
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sjinptoms are worse after some kinds of food than others : oatmeal, especially in
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little. There was some on the posterior surface of the cerebellum, but the

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