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The vomiting is in some cases repeated several times, it
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tions, she enjoys comparative comfort, and has required no treatment
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attenuate the poison, and thus lessen the virulence of the disease, and
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by liquid or micrococci from the vagina is obvious, and in cases like my
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But the school system of the state has been so arranged as to
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two cas.'S the fluid used consisted of Z iv. of the chlo-
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and thus aid in their secure attachment in the new posi-
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The Patellar Keflex. — The diagnostic importance of this in nerve
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ledge of the nature of the objects of their studies; but the mere knowledge of
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or less discharge at the cord. Navel may also be swollen and
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IS, W IV OOn t it dissolve 1LS.C11, u »iu«e ruic. " ■■- ,.
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tion under atropine of the refractive state of fourteen eyes with
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uterine cancer — once smelled, not easily forgotten. I
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scored tablets of 10 mg. G. D. Searle & Co., Re-
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wholly or partly within its grasp. At the ward along the outer half of the abdomen

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