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in. During this period careful alimentation is very necessary, and

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correct. Some other and additional cause must be looked for.

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The country boor says he must have meat to make muscle ; and all the

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brane, but may simply keep up chronic inflammation. The

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corpuscular, and the concluded form fibrous. These imperfections or limita-

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sufficiently obstinate to cause any difficulty, and these were

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may be made into an electuary with honey, and given night

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patient is under the charge of an intelligent physician.

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clear history, as the doctor has told you, of syphilis.

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At that moment the proto-plastic constitutive elements of

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Then if I felt assured there was adhesion between the external surface

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disease is directly contagious from the sick to the well.

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is looked on by some as the distinguishing characteristics of the affection,

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Before consciousness returned respirations were *i4, temperature

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ing, dirty redness, and, after repeated exfoliations, the epithelial coat

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rows » J'l'' '"'''"•"•'" I'^^'=">d, when the natural food faUs

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"perfide Albion," with the ulterior intention of making the

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