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rent must pass through it for a long time until com-

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Belladonna should be given in cases in which the suppression is

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been soiled and infected. For though the connection between milk and scar-

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diverging cones, moving always in a direct line. It is susceptible

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the mouth of each put quarter pound of finely powdered white

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with pus oozing from between them may then be detected. If a fine probe,

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resolution was passed endorsing his course as their representative

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"Every person who shall give or administer to any woman

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leaves are opposite, petiolate, oblong, ovate, acute, en-

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will only do what it can do, and resents over-stimulation. As soon as the

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autopsy on a patient, supposed to have died from typhoid fever during a

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placed a private room at her disposal gratis. Indeed, the super-

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as not. It is best used by irrigating the vagina just as is done with hot water,

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When this remarkable disease is met with in one tissue or organ

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action, smashed a bottle into a thousand pieces, " there's the bottle, but

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senting striking points of distinction from lobar pneumonitis. Subsequent

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rence of paralysis is evidence of the cord being primarily affected. Sudden

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by the society of a definite, fixed policy, so that;

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irritating than a much greater but evenly exerted effort

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But to avoid metaphysical subtleties, we are quite willing to say that it

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variety of journals a7id publications. The reports are then

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course (Brehmer). Patients with gastric ulcer often do remarkably

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to be given and repeated. An anodyne draught at bed-time.

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recommended by Sir Dominic Comgan. He was able to remain

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ticularly the infectious diseases, and have produced a very

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years on the Thomsonian System, and fully convinced

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America also. Second invasion in 1732, presumably be-

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'* of the central artery of the retina, report of a case of. By 0. Jeaffreson 171

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