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diftise ms inertice of Eastern conservatism, and to eradicate the

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single fine silk ligature around the cystic duct answered

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The growth must have pressed upwards upon these struc-

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davits were liere put in, also photographs of the premises at

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Nemo.— We should strongljp advise our correspondent to have nothing to

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»' Bull, de VAcad de MM., 1877, 1,240, Sur la Determination du Manganf^se

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decide wliether a hospital director could properly be considered as

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to the advisability, or otherwise, of an inciuest ; the coroner, however,

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Surgeons. In addition to the portraits, Mr. Stone has also

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Communications — The following papers were read : — Dr.

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quantities as to be dangerous under normal conditions of life.

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chart, and the place of exit was, as indicated, close to the

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Surbiton ; Dr. W. CoUingridge, London ; Mr. J. Clare, Hanley ; Mr. G.

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stomach, peritoneum, kidney, or pericardium, and can be

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contact with small-pox patients at the Beaujon Hospital ;

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On February 2.Uh the temperature was 106\ the pulse imperceptible,

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symptoms pointed to the cause. The abdomen was opened,

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the Coroners Act, 1SS7, the majority of them had the power to lequire the

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to give such as desire it — before going to the East or travelling

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application. True in each department of science, it is con.

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letter was sent to him on February 22nd, 1893, and has not

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During the week ending Saturday, May 6tli, 976 births and 606 deaths

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taken place, the statement that simultaneously with the ex-

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about a drachm, and twenty-five smaller ones, none larger

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meningocele be cured the hydrocephalic condition remains

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frothy food and mucus. A hard mass was very plainly to be

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men never gave particulars ; tliey considered it it^fra dig. to do so. Mr.

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look not only on the drowsiness, but the terminal sickness

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Many of the above-mentioned authors report very favour-

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youngest daughter of the late A. D. Cockburn, Esq., Edinburgh.

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