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lic charities, and good medical education, on which
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become strictly conformable to some regular law of periodicity. To
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recoverable ; and some years since, a neighbour of mine,
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The bladder is involved in a large number of cases of renal tuberculosis,
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suffering from low nutrition has probably more to do with the gangrene
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cal fee charged each laborer each month. This fee should
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length made through its capsule and a thin layer of normal
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proportion of 1 to 40 to 1 to 20, or it may be mixed with sand or saw-
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We shall now quote the following remarks from the work
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September 1st : 'I visited this man's lodg- \ and M. Barthez, of the Hopital St. Eugenie,
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in addition to the patrol wagons of the police depart-
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hood, who regretted to find that she had a well-marked gonor-
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ciated with such various and complex forms of unsoundness in
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observation. He has vomited occasionally, independently of food. His
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(hemolysis), in consequence of which an increased amount of free

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