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again, and only a sensation of burning in a greater or less deeree.
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concentration sufficient to destroy them. This :•%
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those more complex tissues in which it is so prone to occur in
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to the suspension of this privilege by the hospital
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To be successfully treated, the subject of Goitre only requires to
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dystonia and its distribution especially as it affected
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the periosteum of the bone. What interested me largely in this
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Dementia prsecox, a constitutional condition, is more
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Dr. Fredrick Hyde, of Cortland County. — I am sure that
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calion by Richard P. SxRONr., Major, Medical Reserve
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occur in the characteristic dysasthesia of the thal-
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Sherman, he treated six patients with a transfusion
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from the ovary through the style to reach the stigma. These
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speakers to talk on the political and social issues of
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Weeks. — In Kearny, N. J., on Friday, April 25th, Dr.
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practical, at least from the clinical standpoint, than
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changes in the capsules and bursse ; the cartilages
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Monday, May 19th. — Medical Society of the Woman's
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stronger spirit of discipline, the more rigid prac-
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where their doctrines are in direct collision with others of the
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easier to remember a colon, with one period blacker
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of interest to describe the process adopted, in order that the nature,
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be owing to the presence of an immense number of small trans-
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also points out an especial cause of the subsidence of the mam-
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fleshy origin of the psoas muscle marked just so many points of
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The President, Colonel William J. T.aylor, in the Chair.
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swabbed out with a cloth '.ipon a finger, the face should
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Allen. — In Providence, R. I., on Friday, March 28th,
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growth and development, although we are not always able to
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ness of the case, with rapidly increasing symptoms,
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make the diagnostic test for the ragweed jiollen, but
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much service ; her diet from the fourteenth was generous, as
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tation (the cobl)lestone bladder). Streptococci were
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tadpoles in doses of 0.5 to one milligram every other
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cases of convulsions reported, fourteen of the thirty-two chil-
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fifty-three, and the additional fifteen papei's in answer to tlie
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