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etc. as other infections may give rise to local swelling and hyper
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Treatment can hardly be said to have been attempted though
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from the second pen clear The same pens cannot be
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part of the country the bacillus of Pfeiffer was correspondingly rare
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extending into the lung from the pleura are very conspicuous grossly and
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month. That order originated I believe in the College of PhysiciaDS
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After using them in many hundred instances we have scarcely three or
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whether normal asthmatic or nonasthmatic showed such areas. The
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than very small ones such as are described in this paper.
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when they must work on these to smear the lower parts of the
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A second method of checking our results has been to compare
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with ethyl chlorid from 1 to 3 cc. of culture or other material
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myself from the sutures and posterior fontanell that it was the
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Shallow. Ay that I do and have done so any time these
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treatment her rate was 14 per cent. Another patient with a 23
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indicate that the bone marrow participates almost invariably in this
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and cold compresses are especially valuable or tincture of iodine
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alveolar process wastes away and thus the mental foramen lies near the
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Physical Examination. The patient is a pale thin woman. The tonsils are
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conveyances vegetable diet debilitating conditions catarrhs change of
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nerve in animals leads to hypertonus of the esophagus lasting as long
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being a colonel of the Illinois National Guard it enables him
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the examiner opposes this flexion with his hand and then suddenly
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chorea convuLsions or cutaneous eruptions are occa.sional com
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police measures for suppression are in force it must be strictly
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these last two thirds contracted cowpox a second time on re vac
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Physical Examination. The patient is a pale thin woman. The tonsils are
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lungs and enormously enlarged tubercular mesenteric glands. The
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bone cartilage or membrane. The species to which I wish to
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Contagion through the air in the same stable was admitted

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