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66 years. The liability thus diminishes progressively after 50, and the
suppuration, hyperplasia of connective tissue, and secondary atrophy,
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also be em[)loyed effectively by inunction, an ointment containing it being
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stricting bands of false membrane. Thus in Dr. Montgomery's
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of the Abstract is to present — without duplicating the matter in the "Journal"'
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tinued their experiments in most cases for five hours, while my
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within late 3^ears are, quinia in large doses, full doses of opium, and the
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gery by the general practiiioner who has not the time
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as regards thirst and other s3^m]}toms. But, to avoid risk of harm from
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plan of treatment than when an expectant or eclectic plan was adopted,
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libres of the pons Varolii at the base of the brain. The brain was unaf-
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denoting morbid conditions relating to the kidneys and the blood. These
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Their maximum length and maximum breadth were then meas-
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pathetic S3rstem, with special reference to intrinsic sensory neurones.
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"At nine o'clock in the evening, a prey to horrible agitation, I
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Yet notwithbtunding its frequency of occurrence and its im-
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clude that stronger illumination is necessary to allow expansion
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of the Limbs of the Foetus in Utero, with Remarks. By
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* This experiment has been related in the paper in tlie Lancet already al-
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the excessive secretion of the urine, the amount of sugar which it con-
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The termination of these nerves will be discussed later.
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rodynia. In making the diagnosis, pleuritis and intercostal neuralgia are
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ganglion cells (figs. 2 and 3) may be observed in this mass, but
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in the d ■ -nosis. The atfectious to be excluded are the form of muscular
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Orleans, but the disease prevails as an epidemic only in certain 3^ears.
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respect seemed favorable, aside from the suppression of urine ; but at the
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notch and the larger one into the basal lip, the bulk of the head
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in the lungs into lactic acid and fat ; hence, it passes off by the kidneys,
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patient is to be put immediately and freely under the influence of the
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dependent on compression by the former. From the color, the lesion has
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horizontal fibrillated bundle courses through the cleft between
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in several of them. Inasmuch as in all the fatal cases in which post-mor-
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suspicion of such a pathological connection. It proceeds from a func-
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