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may fairly judge the matter at issue. I am, yours faithfully,
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measure of medical reform which does not alter the constitution of the
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also completely paralysed, but there was slight power of v*)luntary mo-
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99.2° Fahr. I put her under the influence of chloroform, and was then
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at either Cardiff or Swansea (the two largest and most convenient
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tion nerveuse. Ainsi on a depuis long temps note', san:, pouvoir trop s'en rendre
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April i6th. He was better; slept without chloral. The bromide of
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- give three Exhibitions annually, amounting altogether in value to ^40 ;
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cians. No physician will in the future be complete Avhose knowledge is
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for the grace wuh which he had presided over the proceedings, and
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Of the kindness of the Dean and Chapter, and also of the University,
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entire reconsideration and consolidation; and he recommended — firstly,
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our minds considerable. If it can be shown that visitors do not contract
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of the poor of this town will favour us with some further explanation as
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Esq., President of the Council ; J. Whipple, Esq., President Elect of
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insisted on going home within one hour after confinement. She went
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labour an external force which was sometimes wanted. They knew
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Phj'sician to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Infirmary, etc.
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it comes immediately after the loss of Professor Miller. Dr. Matthiessen
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August ist: The New York Medical Gazette, August 13th; The Parochial Critic,
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College, 1.30 p.m.— Charing Cross, i p.m. — Lock (Clinical Demon-
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inlets, which, when they do exist, are, like the courses of their river and
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likewise of the dispensaries for medical and surgical cases, for skin-dis-
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lars of four cases which shall have been treated in the Hospital during the previous
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the Bill, which has been withdrawn ; but I state unhesitatingly that I
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five, two for the College of Surgeons and two more for the College of
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suction-valve, c. The button, on pressing which, the catch D., used to
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issued. — I. In future, all Certificates of Lectures, or Hospital Lectures,
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would form a fair index of the sanitarj' condition of a locality, and the knowledge
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prefer a public repression of prostitution, and the incarceration of open
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are treated at a money rate three times greater than the wages they
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forgotten when Parliament meets ; and that there will be a strict inquiry
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and one in the Sand-pits, where 1 was called in, and not told that the child had
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carts, lying on straw, and very often wet thoroughly by the rain. Gene-
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of these vessels, which, from their solidity, size, and shape, can only be
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of what has been achieved, but as an importunate remembrancer of un-
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•exceptions — this maintenance of the uterus in a proper shape l>y mecha-
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Zymotic diseases caused 404 deaths, including 17 from small-pox, 20
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ventilator, the openings of which can be closed. For the sake of
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readers ; for the British Medical Association, stimulated very much by
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soldiers and sailors have again and again remarked that in fever epi-
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the commencement of the first and second years. Hospital Fee, los. 6d.

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