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surgeons in the exercise of their calling, are vivisectionists ; a

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of the nerve has passed the stage of irritation, that

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Operation, by Mr. Norman Patterson (at the request of Dr. Norman

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stand upon this point, and intemperance will soon vanish from our country ." Pro£

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of culture and science, to make a concession to them in

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maximum may reach anything from 101° to 104° or even 106°. In most

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petitioned, and fifteen hundred physicians signed a

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good results. Free administration of fluids to the pa-

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What may have benefited or injured one, is no rule for another. This eighth item is of universal

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the products of digestion in the small intestines, is the function or

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substance shows the same basophilic (therefore presumably acid) char-

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in the secondary stage of early cases, and even in hereditary syphilis, so that the

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few observations on a particular state of the cerebro- spinal system,

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operation. In May the swelling had increased to the size of half

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the Times ami Register for May 23, 1891, a case of fract-

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emetic. He did not approve of the gutta percha splints recommended by Dr.

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this application for more than six months, and has been

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Keratoeides. This coat, where it forms the white of the eye, is pretty thick, near

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through our hearts, and fills our eyes with tears, for too well

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make himself more comfortable by morphia than by any

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officers as employees of the partnerships. The two Coun-

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The hogs in this lot seem to have thrived well on the feed, as the sides are well

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obeenratious on the excitability of the motor nerves of frogs at differ*

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into the hospital, exclusive of some 78 or 80 persons who were attacked subsequently

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tion of a part, as, for example, the making of a wound.

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Medical College; Physician to the Philadelphia Hospital;

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appeared that it was not possible to introduce into the bladder an

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muscular movements which indicate, prior to loss of consciousness, a

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effect on the local circulation? What effect on the movements of the

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gastric catarrh preventing restoration by internal remedies. Four to

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fractures of the middle third. In 1873 Delens collected

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depressed into the reagent. A few minutes later, or at most within half an hour, an-

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of medical education. Dr. S. J. Tunstall, of Vancouver,

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genital weakness and tendency to incompetency of the valves of the

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Skin, Genito-Urinary and Rectal Diseases charlotte, n. c.

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opening in the superior curvature of the outer tube

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done, but it should stand freely exposed to light and air. Sanitarians

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