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do their dissection early so as to have more time in the after
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sence of clonic spasm from tetany by shorter and less perfect remissions
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The exposed rectal mucosa is congested of a deep red or
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changed from one position to another. Instruments of different sizes
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writers of that gay and interesting period engraved by the most distinguished
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tion of the deadly poison by the preservation of the diseased
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Cancellation of Digits. Per cent of task performed.
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In rabbits blood preserved either in the icebox or at body tempera
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helpless and after awhile apathetic. Temperature and sensibility
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The College of Physicians and Surgeons our neighbor has
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swine horses. Causes Microbe uncertain infection in corral and vicin
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The ears are held erect and watchful for sounds the eyes are red
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nodular nor chambered as in variola salivation bloody circular or irregu
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Therapeutics Externally hay fever pertussis gr. vi Si
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corneal inflammation in the latter it has a tendency to proceed
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yourself and to others. The editors cannot be omnipresent
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section. Lumen obliterated by folded epithelium c epithelium muscle
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it is universally recognized that the first sound or beginning of the first
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turned out to pasture during the summer where they maintained
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off the list long before the journal suspended for reasons un
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Kolb the streptococcus of strangles the microorganism of con
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nervation does not in a perfect sense restore the normal or nat
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called for but never to fatigue. Hence a sheltered pasturage is
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vation R corresponds to the activity of muscle lying deep inside the
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deners agricultural laborers soldiers on campaign and children
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was unknown served to draw attention awa from the important
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of the recurrent laryngeal nerve induces spasm of the cardia. We
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larged. The liver is pale soft and friable. The kidneys may be
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In the treatment of this affection of the cornea it should be
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the patient to St. George s Hospital where I met Mr. Brodie
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jects. The Living Age enables one to do this most conveni
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came lecturer on anatomy and physiology at the College of
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jealousy while they respect the female the object of their sexual
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important that the student should first understand what wo call the gross
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ball on a fumble. One of their halves cleared himself from the
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ful and conscientious work he has contributed largely to

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