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single piece of muscle and in the other case with separate pieces of

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poisoning from mercury lead and other metals chronic rheu

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remove color from albuminous background. Wash in water and

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average free hydrochloric acid of 64.1 degrees. Cream and atropin

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state of relapse for several months. Two patients survived the last

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it shows distinct casts. These indicate the destruction of the red

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each lung to be accounted for by the inhalation of the germ and

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term exemplifying the local presence and culture of the bacillus

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in Mexico in 1520 and the immediate rapid and destructive

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this period he was noticeably inactive. About six hours after the treat

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gin of the dead tissue. Many chemical and other sub

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enlarged the muscular layer hypertrophic the diverticula more numerous and

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ards were given the pulse rates of 1 000 normal recruits were counted

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roidism. We also have a group of borderline thyroid cases in which

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ter or any animal fat without wax with a proportion of ten

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studies of cerebrospinal fluid and blood of syphilitic and normal persons

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tended in its first stage with constipation. The irritation of

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with weakened virus Pasteur. I imitations. Treatment gastric and

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eyelids extensive areas of depilatiou including even the long

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ions friable bones arthritis liver spleen kidneys lungs lack of red

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function was studied by observations of the specific gravity volume

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